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Child Development International Institute (CDII) is the unit of the Training Program of the Children Evangelism Ministry that handles all residential training activities of the ministry. CDII offers a unique opportunity to study child evangelism, which is currently lacking in almost all theological colleges and seminary schools. The Institute is open to Children Ministers, Child Evangelists, Children Pastors, Children Sunday School Superintendents, and Leaders of Children Ministries etc. 

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• To provide qualitative training for child evangelists and would-be children’s ministers. • To offer a full course for study in child evangelism • To train and develop Christians to be well equipped in all that it takes to develop a total child • To train and equip Christians to be able to minister wholistically to the child. • To train and develop Christians to be effective heads of children churches and Sunday schools. • To train and develop Christians to be able to train others to become child evangelists. • To train and equip Christians to reach children anywhere in the world with the whole gospel. • To train and develop men to be leaders of children and other related ministries • To train and develop Evangelists, Pastors, Missionaries, Church planters, Bishops and General Overseers, Church workers etc. on how to equip and man their Ministry’s Children department. • To develop Christians, especially children’s Ministers to a full experience of Christ as Lord and Savior and to develop a true Christian character. • To develop Children ministers to be experts in the different aspects of Children Ministry.


In the days of old, prophets such as Jeremiah wept bitterly for the physical hunger and deprivation of the children (Lam.2: 11-12 & 18). Today, the spiritual needs and conditions of children are deplorable, if not worse than that of the time of Jeremiah. Only a handful of Christians seem to be concerned with this plight of the child. It is uncommon to find people resigning from respectable secular jobs to go into full time Christian work. It is almost a taboo to find anyone going into full-time children’s work. The fact that there is hardly any place where people can be adequately trained for this vital ministry may have been responsible for this lop-sidedness. Time has come to change the trend! CDII exists to encourage and equip all those who are called of God into children ministry. CDII exists to take students beyond traditions to the fullness and depths of God’s word concerning child evangelism.


Our target is that upon graduation, graduates should be able to take charge of their ministries or whatever assignment they are given and build up children that are spiritually sound, socially balanced, mentally equipped and physically fit (Luke 2:52) simulating the growth pattern of Jesus Christ. We trust God that our curriculum will lead them to this. The courses offered in this institute are designed to give the students the required Biblical foundation for child evangelism and the needed thrust for effective and successful ministry among these highly rated of God. The CDII trains, equips and provides relevant materials for would-be (aspiring) children ministers to succeed. It promises a unique, purposeful, enriching, very enjoyable and memorable training experience.


The Institute offers training for Children’s ministers, Bible club, Children Sunday school teachers, Sunday school superintendents, Children Evangelists, Pastors, Heads of Children departments, Leaders, Founders and Presidents of Children Ministries, Officers and leaders of churches and Christian organizations, Principal and Heads of Nursery/Primary schools, Christian parents, guardians etc.

Our Mentor

Evang. Tony Egbuna. Chukwudile


Evang. Idowu Agboola
Provost (CDII)